Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: A Cheat Code For Life.

How BJJ can benefit your life.

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Teens classes. 

Starting June 2015 we will start running teens classes every Monday and Thursday from 6pm-6:45pm. The price will be €5 per class for a limited time and 2 or more siblings for €8 per class.   Please email to secure your place or for any enquiries.   Classes are for kids age 10 – […]

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Goal Setting for Beginners

  Part 1:  Setting Short Term Goals Start taking Notes…  You don’t need to write an essay after every class but start with what the topic for the class was, maybe how many rolls you had, and detail the goal and outcome of your session.  Be constructive. For each training session set a specific goal […]

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Are you a Jiu Jitsu “fighter”?

When speaking with jiu jitsu guys who compete regularly you will often hear them refer to “fights” they’ve had in competition. I prefer to call those “fights” matches, only because I believe that a fight must involve strikes. When someone asks me how many fights I’ve had, my answer usually depends on how well I […]

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