An Interview with Emily Kwok on Women in Jiu-Jitsu and Healthy Gym Cultures

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Emily Kwok with her daughter, Hillary Williams, and Dominyka Obelenyte. (Photo by Dominyka Obelenyte) Emily Kwok beat Luciana Dias to become the middleweight IBJJF World Champion in 2007. Since then, she has become perhaps the most well known jiu-jiteira in the United States. She is the project manager for MGinAction,…

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Inspiration to Improve your life…

… through Jiu-Jitsu expressed in another fantastic video from Stuart Cooper.  Featuring thoughts from celebrated competitors, world champions and black belts with a passion for human development like Joe Rogan. I’m not saying quit your job, cancel your life as it stands and throw all your worldy possessions into the nearest swollen river… But I wholeheartedly agree […]

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Shinobi Interview

A few weeks ago Royal Grappling Academy Instructor, Paul Fox, was over in Lagos Portugal on a family holiday and had the opportunity to get some Rolling in with an old Martial Arts friend… Colin Byrne.  Thanks Colin and Candy for your hospitality and great training, as always. Colin has now established his own MMA/Jiu-Jitsu […]

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Expert Class in NYC

Breakdown of the Expert Class at Marcelo Garcia Academy in NYC. Good insight into the class structure that Coach Roger Dardis has brought back to Royal Grappling Academy and is incorporated into our daily classes. Get in touch for a free trial…

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