Alliance by BJJ Hacks

Hywel Teague puts together another great review of one of the Powerhouse Teams of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Alliance was started by Romero (Jacare) Cavalcanti- one of 6 black Belts under Rolls Gracie and his students Fabio Gurgel and Gigi Paiva.  Together they have led the team to several World Championship Team Trophies, producing some of the […]

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Shinobi Interview

A few weeks ago Royal Grappling Academy Instructor, Paul Fox, was over in Lagos Portugal on a family holiday and had the opportunity to get some Rolling in with an old Martial Arts friend… Colin Byrne.  Thanks Colin and Candy for your hospitality and great training, as always. Colin has now established his own MMA/Jiu-Jitsu […]

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Seminar in Cavan

Roger was invited to give a seminar in Cavan at Cavan Grappling Academy so a few of us went up for some extra training. There were also some Sambo lads from Enniskillen who made the trip too. Roger went through some of the essential details of back control and some submissions from this position. The […]

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Abmar Barbosa in Kyuzo

Opportunity to Train with Abmar Barbosa, Black Belt under Robert Drysdale at Kyuzo Gym in Glasnevin this evening at 7:30pm. All of you are invited for a small fee of €15 so our regular class is cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience and short notice. 0868408183 if you need directions… Training will be in the Gi

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Visit from Team Torres

It was great to have Sebastian Torres and Martin McLaughlin from Team Torres down to train with us on Wednesday.  Roger taught a beginners class on escaping from the mount position with a variation going to the single leg x-guard and a sweep from this position for those with a little more experience and then a fundamentals class on defending the guard pass/escaping side control.

The advanced class then had some tough rolling on the mats with everyone getting the chance to train with the new bodies.  Those guys are tough.  As always we run an open door policy at Royal Grappling Academy and all are welcome to share the good vibes.


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Bristol Trip

I’m heading off on my first training trip of 2013 from 11th – 13th Jan, to train with Pedro Bessa and his team in Bristol. There are several members of Team Pedro Bessa making this event with Liam Beechinor and a contingent from BJJ Cork and some of the new black belts and their students […]

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