Jiu-Jitsu No Longer Needs MMA

Some great reading here, some points of discussion to get you thinking.

through jiu-jitsu

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Non-Speculative Training

To say that jiu-jitsu is the single best fighting martial art nowadays is similar to stating a fact like smoking is bad for you. Yes, there are exceptional cases of the eighty-five year-old who still smokes a pack a day, but we all understand this is the exception. Everyone else died. In a similar vein, since the dawn of the mixed martial arts movement, all fighters understand the absolute necessity of jiu-jitsu for their repertoire. The case has been won. Each time it is brought up again, the Fighting Supreme Court refuses to hear it on the grounds that the issue has already been settled. Fighters with other “main” styles may not be jiu-jitsu fighters themselves, some having a wrestling background or Muay Thai or perhaps something very close like catch wrestling, but in order to succeed, they need to at least know how to defend against…

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