What to expect in your first year of BJJ

Royal Grappling Academy


What to expect in your first year of BJJ.

Your first year of training really is where you learn the most, physically. Most people start off knowing nothing, or maybe whatever they saw on the UFC. So in your first year you go from zero to grappler.

Here are some of the things you should expect.

Soreness. Lots of soreness. This can be the hardest part of training. You will wake up some mornings with pains in places doctors don’t know about, theses are places undiscovered in the human body. Remember though these muscles will be getting stronger, or maybe you’ve just killed them!

Bruising. Lots of bruising. On occasions your legs will look like ripe bananas. You will have huge phantom bruises too, you won’t know about these until someone points them out to you. Maybe the most bruising will happen to your ego.


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